Hai Feng’s special quality control process guarantees only top quality fish food. Special digestive enzymes contained in this product minimizes water pollution caused by fish waste, so this fish food does not cloud the water. It also has Vitamins B C and immune boosters that help to maintain the koi’s beautiful shape and growth and keep the fish healthy. This product contains spirulina and shrimp meal which can brighten the color of your fish after 45 days of feeding. This balanced diet can easily absorbed and utilized by all koi fish.

  • H-312M Bright Color Koi Food Medium Pellets- 420g
  • H-311ML Bright Color Koi Food ML Pellets- 1kg
  • H-315ML Bright Color Koi Food ML Pellets- 5kg
  • H-315L Bright Color Koi Food Large Pellets- 5kg